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Love and Caring
06.07.2011, 18:00
Love and Caring
Here's my genius plan to make superior man
Anatomically built
This half corpse can't guilt

Try to fight your innocent heart
You drove me to tear apart
Shater glass, shater ribs
Never heard when it's time to guilt

Until bottoms, we say die
You are our teacup passing up
Drdead let us live
This is our era close to get

Savage trees

Save us please

I'll be loved
Jolly! can't you see

Welcome to
You think of me
It's up yours but follow me
O'h jolly to jolly, lay your face
We are all right the human race
It's right we could be together
Like a friends which will never
Broke a treaty for so long decided
To keep their favorite song ah!
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